history of kharkiv aviation institute

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world that develops and produces aircraft and space technology, as well as preparing qualified professionals for the industry. National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) is a leading educational institution in the public education system of Ukraine, producing professionals that profile.

kharkiv Aviation Institute was founded in 1930 and originally had two of the faculty - aircraft and engine. At its founding in kharkiv Aviation Institute"KhAI" was only 12 teachers and 69 students. Development of the institute was going extremely fast. Already in 1932 flew the first in Europe airliner with retractable landing gear KhAI-1, developed by faculty and graduate student HAI. Planes and gliders, created in the walls of the institute, set world records. In 1935, teacher institute AM Cradle was designed first domestic turbojet engine. Since November 1937 kharkiv Aviation Institute"KhAI" has worked in the reactive group, designed the first rocket. By the early 40's in the institute was already more than 1000 students, worked experimental design bureau, is actively involved research.

Development of the institute was interrupted by Nazi Germany attacked the USSR. More than 500 teachers and students of kharkiv Aviation Institute"KhAI" fought on the front, took part in the hostilities developed in the Institute bombers. In connection with the occupation of kharkiv institute was evacuated to Kazan, and continued to train specialists for the aviation industry. In those years, senior students were sent to the engineering office of defense enterprises. Many of them were awarded orders and medals for achievements in organizing the production of military equipment. In 1944, immediately after the liberation of the city, the institute has been returned to kharkiv.


Reconstruction of destroyed buildings in National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) took almost 8 years. At the same time improve the educational process, created new departments, expanding research program. In the late 40's institute conducted the first experiments to clone the explosion. In 1953, National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) began work on the creation of jet burners for drilling hard rocks, built a wind tunnel. In connection with the development of missile technology was initiated training on its design and manufacturing, is open radio engineering faculty.

In 60's in Kharkiv Aviation Institute"KhAI" were established laboratory on the use of pulsed sources of energy in industry and laboratory for the study of long-term strength of aircraft structures. Getting Started Student Design Bureau, which has created during its existence more than thirty models of aircraft. In 1966, kharkiv Aviation Institute, was included among the 26 basic institutions of higher education USSR.


Specialization of the Institute is constantly expanding. By 1980, new faculties were opened - Control Systems aircraft, rocket and space technology. At the same time continued development of material base. Construction was completed complex of wind tunnels, to construct new academic buildings and dormitories, sports complex, recreation center in the Crimea. For outstanding achievements in the field of training highly skilled specialists and in research in 1978, the institute was named after NE Zhukovsky, and in 1980, HAI has been awarded the Order of Lenin. In the 80 years of open faculty training for workers in the aerospace industry and the Preparatory Faculty. With the formation in 1991 of an independent Ukraine, the kharkiv Aviation Institute"KhAI" was the only institution of the country, carrying out a comprehensive training for the aerospace industry. In 1992, the first time in history kharkiv Aviation Institute"KhAI" began training foreign nationals, in connection with the requirements of the time the faculty of economics and management. At the same time the curriculum was included the study of integrated systems CAD / CAM / CAE: UNIGRAFICS, ADEM, EUCLID, and others in August 1998 on the basis of the kharkiv Aviation Institute"KhAI", was established the State Aerospace University named after NE Zhukovsky "KhAI".


Over the years, the University has trained more than 53 thousand engineers. Among the specialists with higher education working in the aerospace industry of Ukraine, 80% - graduates from KhAI. The National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) is proud of the accomplishments of its scientists in the field of supersonic aerodynamics, strength of aircraft structures, construction of aircraft and rocket engines, control systems of aircraft and many others. Inventions patented by the university scientists in more than 20 countries worldwide. National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) is a permanent participant of international exhibitions.

The National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) continues to develop. In 1999, formed another Faculty - Humanities. Currently, the university enrolled more than 7000 students and 160 graduate students, 700 teachers are working (among them - 95 Professors and Doctors, more than 400 professors and PhDs) and more than 2000 employees. Among the teachers of University 1 winner of the Lenin Prize of the USSR, 3 USSR State Prize winner, 25 winners of the State Prize of Ukraine, 11 winners of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Distinctive feature of National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) - close links with industry. The university teaching general designers and managers of the largest aerospace companies: Ya.E. Aizenberg, PV Balabuyev, VA Boguslayev, IV Dranovsky, SN Konyukhov, FM Muravchenko, AK Myalitsa.

Now National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) occupies a separate area of the city, the forest area covering about 25 hectares, which are 8 academic buildings, 2 research institutes, laboratories, a library with 920,000 volumes, campus, sports center, dispensary, dining.

The National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) is a co-executor of the International Space Program "Alpha", as well as research projects with firms in the U.S., Japan, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, China. September 11, 2000 the university granted the status - National. New name Kharkiv Aviation Institute "KhAI" - National Aerospace University. NE Zhukovskii kharkiv Aviation Institute.

XXI century - a century is even more rapid development of aviation and astronautics. Scientists and university professors with confidence and optimism about the future and ready to solve any problems that put the time.