Living Expenses

Living Expenses
Living Expenses
Living Expenses


In order to live comfortably while you are in Kharkiv, you will need to have about $USD 1200 per year available for living costs, above the cost of your tuition. The cost of living is cheaper than any other cities in the European countries. It is difficult to give a precise figure because of differences in the student lifestyle.

You will receive advice from financial advisers at the on how best to handle your money, but initially it is important to note that you should have some cash for immediate costs (e.g. airport costs or transport). You may need further funds in the form of travellers cheques which can be readily cashed. There are foreign exchange offices everywhere in Ukraine.

We strongly recommend that while in Ukraine you do not carry large amounts of cash on your person or leave cash in your room. We suggest opening a bank account as soon as possible after arrival. We suggest opening a bank account as soon as possible after arrival. There are four banks with branches in the campus area. There are numerous automatic teller machines that dispense cash 24 hours a day.

Any major amounts of money may be sent in the form of a bank transfer, but electronic transfers are, in most cases, the most efficient method of sending funds to Ukraine. Payments can also be sent by western union or by Money Gram.


The cost of market basket with all the required products amounts to 200-250 $ US.
The prices of some food products are as follows:
1 kg of bread - $ 0,5-0,7;
1 kg of beef - $ 4-7;
1 kg of potato - $ 0,5;
1 kg of cheese - $ 5-7;
1 liter(litre) of milk - $ 1-1,3;
10 eggs - $ 1,5;
1 kg of bananes - $ 1-1,1;
1 kg of coffee - $ 12-15;
1 kg of oranges - $ 2-3.

All the products may be bought at supermarkets or agricultural markets. There are many products from the countries of Europe and America. The network of municipal transport is well developed - there buses, trolley-buses, trams and Metro (a single fare costs about $ 0,15). There are many restaurants, cafes, bars in Kharkov city.

A free time may be spent at museums, theatres, students clubs, and discos.

The cost of one ticket is:
for cinema - $ 3-5;
for theatre - $ 3-4;
for disco - $ 10-20.

Kharkov is a students' center of Ukraine, ecologically pure city with numerous parks and squares. Kharkov City has all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life. There are many cult edifices in Kharkov. The religious rites one may celebrate in churches, mosques, Roman Catholic churches, and synagogues.