Scientific Development

flight testing and flying models

Flight testing of new types of aircraft with flying models

The University is working on designing, manufacturing models and use them to conduct flight tests in a wide range of flight regimes, including the critical angles of attack, develops and manufactures unmanned aircraft.

technologies for high speed stamping

Technologies and equipment for high-speed stamping

HAI is a leader in the development of industrial technologies and equipment for stamping the explosion, and electrohydraulic hydropercussion stamping, cutting, and high-volume stamping.

integrated studies in khai

Integrated studies of fatigue durability.

A comprehensive method for predicting fatigue life and recovery of aircraft structures, which includes experimental studies of the kinetics of diagrams of cyclic deformation of the first material, selecting the most appropriate crite-dence of fatigue fracture and the theory of summation of injury, accounting curves recurrence operating loads.
Problem Research Laboratory "Strength"

Research in subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics in ukraine

Research in subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics

Conducted theoretical and experimental investigations of aerodynamic characteristics using the unique aerodynamic complex, which consists of six wind tunnels, and also includes a supersonic - with the flow Mach number from 1 to 4.

study Coating technology with special properties

Coating technology with special properties

Perform complex in the area of coatings with desired properties and superconducting films of ion-plasma and detonation method. Developed hybrid technology based on ion-plasma, ion-beam processing.

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Modeling and synthesis of geothermal systems

Developed system of temperature stabilization of space vehicles, passive safety systems of nuclear power plants that provide circulation of coolant in the complete absence of power stations, as well as heat-and cold-generating plant.

national aerospace university

Designing airframe made of composite materials

Developed methods of design, computing and technology of a broad class of knots and heavy-element compounds aerospace structures made of composite materials.

learn diagnostic system

Establishment of medical information systems and diagnostic systems

Developed and implemented in the production of diagnostic and medical information systems, which allow examination and diagnosis of a wide range of parameters in stationary and field conditions.

oil and gas study in ukraine

Equipment for drilling and exploring oil and gas fields

A measuring and recording system of ground control and manage the process of drilling oil and gas fields, started serial production of borehole strain systems that can improve the effectiveness and safety of geophysical fields.

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Diagnosis of Aircraft Engine

Created unique software and measurement devices, which allow using mathematical models to determine the real-time technical condition and loads of parts and components of force and power plants with gas turbine engines, to anticipate and identify defects and failures.

creating high performance electric propulsion in csmu

Creating high-performance electric propulsion

Physicotechnical design principles developed electric propulsion spacecraft. Developed and tested by the construction of various types of engines for space and terrestrial applications.

gas ejection controlled heat development in csmu

Development of gas ejection controlled heat

On the basis of liquid rocket engines of small thrust (LRE MT) is a range of unique technologies and tools:
1. for extraction and processing of granite;
2. termogazostuynoy cutting and drilling concrete, non-ferrous metals and other materials;
3. are effectively cleaning of steel structures, facades, water engineering;
4. incineration and decontamination of toxic liquid and pasty wastes;
5. antikorrrozionnyh applying protective coatings.

best university for study aircraft engines in ukraine

Investigation of gas-dynamic processes in aircraft engines

Work is underway on numerical modeling and experimental study of unsteady spatially nonuniform gas-dynamic processes in the complex of the basic units of heat engines.

practical research process in crimea state medical university

Research methods and techniques for accurate measurement of physical quantities

Conducted theoretical and experimental studies of structural and algorithmic methods to improve measurement accuracy, are developed and put into mass production of microprocessors moisture meters for measuring wood moisture-1 cedar, cedar-2 and ionometers pH-01 MP for the measurement of ion activity and determination of redox potentials.

system design technology in aerospace

System design technology

Create a system of information technology project management and software development of space technology. A modeling, analysis and control of complex distributed systems and telecommunication systems.

csmu offers study of development of sources of electricity from solar panels

Development of sources of electricity from solar panels

The studies, manufacture and certification of source of electricity using space and ground-based photovoltaic systems.

Remote sensing from aerospace carriers in csmu

Remote sensing from aerospace carriers

Developed highly complex surface and subsurface study of an aerospace-based methods and algorithms for processing measurement data and images.

equipment lab in csmu for aerosapce

Creating a strain gauge systems, force-and weight-measuring equipment

Developed and implemented multi-channel strain-gauge system for measuring forces and deformations in the real tests of aircraft structures and railway cars, mass-produced electronic crane and weighbridge high accuracy.

development of control system

Development of control systems and control devices letetelnyh

Created and developed devices, methods, algorithms and programs for building highly fault-tolerant systems management