Research Facilities, Laboratory Equipments

Research Facilities, Laboratory Equipments
Research Facilities, Laboratory Equipments
Research Facilities, Laboratory Equipments

There are the following research subdivisions at the University:

  • Research Institute of Physical Modeling Problems;
  • International Institute of New Technologies;
  • Research Department.
  • The research activity of the University is ensured by the updated experimental base. Most acting research benches are unique in Ukraine, CIS and are equal to the best foreign samples, and in number of cases they surpass them.
  • Among the unique University's objects the following ones are the note worthy: unique in Ukraine complex of wind tunnels including the supersonic wind tunnel up to 3.5 M (the object of national property);
  • Full-scale test bed for aircraft engines compressors up to 4000 kW;
  • test bed for modelit g the systems of 2-phase thermostabilization of space stations;
  • academic-research center for computer technologies CAD/CAM/CAE;
  • Satellite navigational systems "GLONASS" and "TSIKADA".
  • Modeling automated certifying stand of sun power;
  • Hall and equipment for aircraft strength and certification tests;
  • Aircraft engines diagnosis tests beds;
  • Research test site for parts explosion forming.
  • To carry out research work the University uses 172 academic labs.

Main Lines of Research Activity

Above 20 research schools are working at the University nowadays. The scholars of these schools are involved in development of fundamental lines of mathematics, physics of continuum medium of liquid, gas and plasma, as well as in problems of development, creation and manufacture of up-dated aerospace engineering, samples of engines,

devices and radioelectronic systems, double use technologies. The priority in this research primarily belongs to those lines to those lines which are associated with fundamental and applied issues of design, development and manufacture, namely: theoretical and experimental aerodynamics, strength, longevity and reliability of aircraft structures, materials treatment impulse technologies; theory and diagnostics of gas turbine engines; applying coatings with specific properties to improve parts performance; designing articles from composites; spacecraft power supply systems; satellite navigation and earth surface probing systems; conversion attachments to non¬convertional power engineering; distance controlled aircraft; control systems and radioelectronic equipment of aircraft; up-dated digital technologies of weighing and defining aircraft center of gravity; creation of airborne and ground equipment for medical purposes.

The practical value of conducted research is that they ensure methodological basis for creation of engineering techniques for synthesis and analysis of prospective aerospace structures, formation of tooling, computer technologies of design and manufacture of complex aerospace articles.

The University realizes the preparation of research staff on the specialties covering the main lines of aerospace development and having essential value in related mechanical engineering fields. The University integrates 7 specialized Academic Councils on Doctors' and Candidates' theses defense. Above 160 PhD students are working on their theses now.

In compliance with curricula and syllabi the students may be involved in research activity since the first year of study. There is a Students Design Bureau (SDB) where most diploma projects are carried out in up-dated integrated information ambient like UNIGRAFICS, EUCLID, AUTOCAD and others.

Above 300 students work on themes of University's research activity under the supervision of project research employees.

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