Summer Winter Courses

Summer Winter Courses
Summer Winter Courses
Summer Winter Courses

SUMMER/WINTER COURSES for the foreign students at National Aerospoace University"Kharkiv Aviation Institute" (KhAI) (BS, MS, PHD degrees)

Foreign students who want to visit Ukraine and get to know National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" (KhAI) can take familiarization course of lectures and practical training on specialties of University.

The National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" (KhAI) contains 10 faculties: airplane design, aircraft engine, aircraft control systems, space rocket engineering, aircraft radio systems, economic and management, humanistic, faculty of development of vocational competence and pre-university training for foreign citizens. There are also available scientific schools in the area of super-sonic aerodynamics, composite materials, aviation and rocket engine designing, etc.

The list of some training lines is given below:
  • Direction Major subject
  • Aviation and Cosmonautics Airplanes and helicopters
  •   Aircraft engines and power plants
  •   Designing and manufacturing articles made of composites
  • Electronic equipment Biotechnical and medical apparatuses and systems
  •   Aerospace heat engineering
  •   Nonconventional power sources

The term of summer/winter courses is from 2 to 6 weeks (June-August/December-January).
Excursions and cultural arrangements are included in training programs.

For every group of foreign students we offer the following:
- visit of Kharkiv Aviation Plant
- visit of Aviation Manufacturing Enterprise "Liliental"
- visit of Pilotless Vehicle Center
- visit of Training Center CAD/CAM/CAE
- visit of research laboratories (laboratory of hydraulics, laboratory of wind energetics)
- visit of Wind Tunnel Hall, Constructions Hall, Engines Hall, Airplanes and Helicopters Hall

During the period of stay in our country students will be able to familiarize with Ukrainian culture and traditions, they will be able to visit:
- art exhibitions
- Historical Museum, Museum of Nature
- Planetarium

Also they will see the sights of Kharkiv:
- Opera and Ballet Theatre
- Monuments of 2nd World War Victory
- "Old Kharkiv" district
- Memorial complex to victims of 2nd World War
- Cathedrals and churches
- Squire of Freedom (the largest European squire)

The cost of summer/winter courses is USD380-USD420 in dependence on duration of training and chosen specialty. Foreign students can choose training line and specialty. Also they have free choice of subjects in addition to main subjects.