Transfer Information

Transfer Information
Transfer Information
Transfer Information

Transfer Information
The enrollment into the list of 2-d and the following year students may be realized only on the ground of availability of application form filled in by the student, his/her education certificate and contract. On the ground of these documents the faculty dean determines the academic difference in disciplines and indicates the terms during which this difference is to be eliminated.

National Aerospace University"Kharkiv Aviation Institute" (KhAI) sends an inquiry addressed to the higher educational institution where the foreign student who studied earlier with a request to take the student's name off the register and transfer his/her documents to the KhAI for the training. The contract should be attached with:

  • academic certificate with seal affixed and signed by the Rector of the University;
  • certificate of completing the Preparatory Department course of all-Ukrainian sample or CIS countries sample;.
  • questionnaire or application form of established sample;
  • documents certifying the unavailability of AID's infection;
  • medical health certificate;
  • health insurance for granting urgent medical aid (except those foreigners who arrived from the countries which have concluded contracts of granting free urgent medical aid); -
  • 8 photos 60 x 40 mm sized.

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