Visa Process

Visa Process
Visa Process
Visa Process

Information about Visa

All Foreign nationals require visa of Ukraine to get enter in Ukraine except the nationals of CIS countries,EU States,USA,Canada,Japan and Australia,Newzealand.

To get get a Ukrainian study visa every student should must contact to the nearest embassy of ukraine.

After getting an official invitation letter from National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) should prepare the following documents and should submit to Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine. He/She must have the following documents:

1. Original of official invitation for a training;
2. Original or copy of the document of education with the attachment of the list of disciplines and grades.
3. Document certifying the unavailability of AID's infection.
4. Health reference certified by official health care bodies of the country from which the citizen has arrived and issued not later than two months before entrance into Ukraine for a training
5. Birth certificate copy
6. 8 photos 60 x 40 mm sized
7. International passport must be valid for one year

All the above written documents should be translated into Russian/Ukrainian language and attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs of the home country.

After having got the visa and tickets a student sends the following information to the University: when he/she is due to arrive, which transport he/she is going to take and what city he/she is bound for. The employees of the University send this information to the appropriate departments and arrange the meetings in airports, railway stations and coach stations.

Getting to the University

Kharkiv city is a large transport junction in Ukraine. It is connected with all cities of Ukraine by coach and rail communication and with many cities - by air communication. Foreign citizens may arrive in Ukraine to one of the international airports in: Kyiv (Borispol airport), Kharkiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Dniepropetrovsk. They may also arrive in our country by rail, bus, coach or by sea. A foreign citizen should inform the University about the day and time of arrival, kind of transport, number of flight, number of carriage and return ticket with an open date of return to home land with a period of validity up to one year. The University's representatives meet the arriving foreign citizens and afterwards accompany them to the place of destination. The travel expenses to and from Kharkiv city must be met by a foreign citizen.